When you are walking down the right path, and someone suggest that you stray from that path, you should stick with what you desire rather than following “bad” advice.  Far too many young people are in prison today because they allowed someone else to think for them.  You know the difference between right and wrong; between legal and illegal activity.  Train yourself to believe that your thoughts and ideas are the best thoughts and ideas when it involves your life and future.

Tommy was young man who seemed to have a bright future.  He landed a job with Handy Mart right out of high school.  He had worked there two years and received two promotions when his friends began insisting that he party with them.  His manager loved his work and attitude and his future with the company looked bright.  His friends kept asking him to go out with them on Friday night even though they knew he worked on Saturdays.  They partied hard and stayed out really late.  Tommy began to arrive for work late.  Eventually he began to miss work on Saturdays.  The manager counseled Tommy and his work schedule improved for a short time.  But Tommy’s friends woud not let up.  Pretty soon Tommy was back in his old habit of missing work or arriving late.  The manager finally called Tommy in and told him that he had become a different person in the last few months.  He gave Tommy a chance to resign rather than fire him from the job.  Tommy’s friends moved on and no longer spent every weekend with him. Tommy realized too late that he had strayed from the path of how he knew an employee was supposed to conduct himself.  It took him years to find another job with pay and benefits comparable to his job at Handy Mart.  This time he vowed that he would not allow someone else to pull him off that path he knew was right for him.

Tommy learned the hard way.  You can learn from his mistake.  today is the day to decide to get on the path of righteousness and stay on it.



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